Cucumbers N Lubes |

Cucumbers N Lubes
31 juli - 6 augusti


Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm, hitta hit.
Öppettider: onsdag– fredag 12–18, lördag – söndag 12–16.


Cucumbers N Lubes

Today we are exploring “Who has the right to power in space and why should we allow it.” Cucumbers and lubes is an exhibition that will explore the subject matter of power, freedom, and who has the right to space to claim power be it within the bedroom to the public sphere. The exhibition therefore focuses on the artists interoperations and own understanding on these issues either as an application of their will to gain or maintain their structural power or their interpretation of the misuses of power within the public and private space. 

Should a society give or take power and how do these processes change our relation to each other. Can power ever be given and entrusted to individuals or should it always be fought over in order to keep an individual’s liberty and freedoms in tacked.

Pils Design