19 oktober - 4 november

Vernissage dag datum månad kl 18-22

Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm, hitta hit.
Öppettider: onsdag– fredag 12–18, lördag – söndag 12–16.



Kjell Hansson, Oskar Johnström, Kasia Piorek, Peter Wiklund

Is there comfortability in risk; do we as artist acknowledge the supposed idiom of risk taking as a way towards rewards, or is the actions already taken as an artists is by nature a risk against the norm? What can be defined as an artistic risk, or is there even such a thing; can artistic risk only be seen as a self-serving mechanism that artists utilize in order to justify specific actions in their own practice? Is there even a possibility for such action to take place if the outcome has no reliable method of determining the risk taken? Can an unknown artist engage in or take an artistic creative risk other than making works that are morally risky?  Is it even possible to produce artistic works that explores the subject of risk in art without becoming a self-reflective exercise for the ego? In its most basic form risk is an activity that exposes the participants towards danger, within most situations we apply the assessment of risk to different decreeing factions in our daily lives; we therefore apply risk in order to look for the possibilities of loss and gains, it is a formative action that helps individuals to either take action or stay reserved. An example of using risk to assess danger is the process of risk assessments and management for things such as exhibitions or public works; whereby it is done in order to protect the public as well as the organisers of the event by determining the specific risk involved within the event or exhibition allowing for people to create solution to problems that might arise. We can utilise such concepts in order to gain a better understanding of risk as an observable entity. 

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